The World In The Chaos WWII officially launches                                      worldwide March 2 on Steam.




Steam is a digital  platform for video
games developed by Valve Corporation
that offers digital rights management,
matchmaking servers, video streaming
and social networking services.

That’s exactly what we looked for,
stable and known platform with tradition!





Powered by TWITCH Games, The World In The Chaos gives you the chance to experience the World War II in little bit different edition.
100 players, scattered in a couple of cities, will fight for the title of the best.




Do not wait for March and buy the game at discount price
You can order it HERE







Our game will bring you a whole new experience of warfare.


With the theme of World War II, weapons, cars, horses, you will experience a new dimension of playing.
Also, we are preparing a completely new mode, something that so far has not had any similar game.



Stay tuned, and prepare for chaos!
Chaos is coming!

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