The World In The Chaos WWII: Battle Royale is an online game that brings you into the time of the World War II, it is played in FPS or TPS.

The MMO game full of adrenaline with 100 human players and up to 300 AI players on the big map with plenty different environments ( forests, ancient cities, seas, ruins, etc…)

The World In The Chaos WWII englobes 100 players on the map and with your skills you have to become number 1 and get rid of the other players. Don’t think that it is easy, besides 100 players on the map there will be guards that you can kill or that you can just go around and then not get the best weapon in the game.


Special weapons as well as the ammo for powerful weapons( DSHKcan be found only in trains and bases that are protected by guards


At the beginning of the game it is necessary to get into one of the planes that will take you on a certain road and you choose any place on the map that you want to go to. If you’re playing Duo or Squad it is recommended but not necessary that the whole team gets into one plane so you can all find yourselves in the same place.

In 30 to 35 minutes you have to survive on the map and kill the last player. Getting into account that you are not only going against players but guards too if you wish to have special weapons and additional stuff you have to kill them too, and you will have to be careful about the zone and the guards who push you into the safe zone.